Covid-19 Home-nursery-ing


I used to have a mild panic if my three-year-old, Rosie, and I had nowhere to be other than home for even one day, and now of course there's been nowhere to be for weeks and weeks and weeks. We've had to evolve strategies to cope and one of them has been to really make use of all of the ideas for crafts and activities out there on the interwebs and try to plan out our days and weeks.

We've also introduced a theme each day to hinge these activities on, which seems to have really worked for Rosie. She likes to wake up and ask 'what day is it today', by which she means, what's the theme? We started off just doing a letter a day - writing it and drawing something that began with it, which gradually morphed into then hinging the whole day's activities around whatever the thing that began with the letter was... I think the first one we really did this way was 'F for Fish' - we read fishy books (Tiddler, mostly), did a fishy craft and watched a fishy film (Finding Nemo). John also obliged with fish fingers for tea.

Since then the theme of the day has become firmly embedded in our new quiet life pattern, and continues to be a real benefit both for Rosie and for me to break the monotony of the suddenly featureless landscape of our days. Of course we inevitably ran out of letters eventually (despite some repeats of favourites - I admit we have had more than two days of 'R') and the next thing we've moved on to is a week of weather, taking a different meteorological phenomenon each day, and just starting to throw some numbers and shapes alongside them.

I've started sharing more of the things we've been doing on instagram quite patchily as I've come around to the idea of doing that, but we thought it might be a good idea to share some of the plans of the days in a bit more detail and a bit less haphazardly on here, just in case they are useful to anyone, and also they'll be a nice record for us in years to come of what exactly we did with ourselves in this topsy-turvy time!

Weather week