Time to write

Things continue at a pace with The Audience Agency. We're currently working on the services that compliment and augment the product offering we are designing. It was fabulous to be able to get some users involved last week and run a playback workshop and get some valuable feedback whilst our concepts are still post-it notes and very rough sketches. It feels now like we know what needs to be done for a viable phase one.

I'm not finding much time to write, though, which is worrying. Or is this an excuse? A shyness because it's been so long since I wrote in any kind of work way. I feel like I've got a lot to share, nothing original I'm sure but having been around the block a few times and I feel like I want to share it for all kinds of reasons. Whatever it is, I need to resolve this block and just bloody write!

I've been investigating co-operatives as an approach for Name Here and I'm fascinated. They appeal to me. I'm going to spend a little time talking to some folks, see what they think.