Weather week: Wind and clouds


We have selected weather as our theme of the week partly because it breaks down nicely into day-sized chunks. To kick it off, wind and clouds.

Things you could learn about wind and clouds

  • Clouds are made of water
  • The wind moves the clouds across the sky
  • Sounds the wind makes with various objects
  • Notice how fast or slow the wind is blowing

Activity ideas

Cloud gazing

Find somewhere nice and soft to lie on your backs and look up at the sky, hopefully it is obliging with some nice fluffy clouds! If it's a bright day you might need some super cool sunglasses for this! Spend a little time discussing the clouds:

  • what do you think they would feel like?
  • what shapes can you see in them?
  • what direction are they moving in?
  • are they all moving at the same speed?

You could also provide a pencil and paper to do some quick sketches of cloud shapes.

Wind painting

Put a big dollop of paint of various colours on a piece of paper - we did a large piece of paper roll outside because it was a nice day. Then use straws to blow the paint across the paper.

Some of our colours worked better than others because they were more runny - if your paints are particularly thick, it might be worth mixing them with a little bit of water.

We also tried using a pump to make stronger wind. And then of course because it was outside and on the floor it descended into foot prints and hand prints!

Observing the wind

We had some lovely pinwheel windmills that had been inside over the winter so we brought them out and 'planted' them in some plant pots. We watched as the wind blew them round and commented on how fast or slow the wind was blowing.

I was planning that we could also make our own pinwheels, following something like this from Auntie Annie's Crafts but we ran out of time / concentration, which is so often the case with people this little!

We also went for our daily exercise on the scooter and listened to the wind in some trees. This also tied in nicely with gathering some sticks as we're going to try and make a weather mobile something like this by the end of the week.

Windy yoga

We've started doing a little yoga from Cosmic Kids Yoga after a friend recommended it, and it is excellent! Today we found a suitably windy hot air balloon dance yoga!

Bedtime reading

Rosie's Hat by Julia Donaldson works because it is all about a hat which blows away and has some nice focus on wind sounds.