Weeknotes 1

  • Recorded Episode 23 of the Rissington Podcast, the edit awaits. Ended up doing it in two parts, over two days. Had a natter with Jon about a possible change of format and how we'd do that without losing the bits we really like (namely getting listeners involved). Was really pleased with the new recording set-up, a little bit 'wirey' but quicker and more discrete. Next stop is wireless so we can walk and talk.

  • Spent three days in London at the offices of the development team on the project I'm working with. We're a new team and I always find it incredibly difficult to work out how to make the best contribution in an Agile environment. I'm not one for digging my heals in about how the design process should go, much prefer to try and weave it in to try and ensure everyone gets to contribute their ideas and thoughts. That's bloody exhausting though and I worry intensely about the design process being lost and ending up in a cycle of retrofitting and responding rather than getting ahead and being proactive.

  • Decided to get involved in the front-end code. Haven't coded in anger for quite some time. Have real concerns that I won't be able to do it and that I end up responsible for the HTML & CSS, not a place I want to be. Largely motivated by being able to tweak variables in the Sass rather than write and draw tons of documentation. Let's see, I have said very loudly that I may well fail.

  • Made the decision to do an office share with Jon Hicks and Co. 3 months to start with because it is a long way to drive but am hoping that environment will help me feel a bit better.

  • After months of resisting due to budget concerns, got some cleaners in for a big clean. That was nice.

  • Wife and youngest are away for a few days. Me and the teenagers all weekend, so much taxiing will be done.

  • Have done little to nothing on the self-care front and suffering from bouts of anxiety and feeling burn out. Holidays are on the horizon though and I plan to unplug completely, take a step back and look for some small changes I can make to improve things.