Weeknotes 2

  • Mr. Lloyd served up a wonderful dollop of classic Jungle and D&B this week. Listened to this a good few times, why not have a listen as you read...

  • Eldest child shared some of the work he's been doing at art college. I couldn't be more thrilled. He's clearly got some talent and it's wonderful to see him really starting to put in the effort.

  • Have been writing CSS & HTML this week. First time in a long time. Had forgotten how much I enjoy doing it. My JavaScript skills are non-existent, though and it's a bit frustrating. I don't know that I'll have the time to start fixing that. Still, I keep telling myself that whilst my JS is crap I'm contributing to a more resilient product by looking for ways to get things done without JS.

  • I'm re-discovering my triggers as the team digs in to the content creation and a research plan for the product we're working on. They are 'Click here', 'Read more' and 'User testing'. I always wince a bit as I adjust other people's words given the mistakes and typos I am prone to making... still, I tell myself, this stuff is important... right?

  • Was reminded just how good the team I am working with really is. Was able to offload some frustrations and concerns and felt like I'd been heard. Things happened as a result, good things, and from starting the week feeling very down, I'm excited and motivated again.

  • Struggling with my 'rollercoaster' a little. Feels like my emotions are ramping up. Everything starts to feel like it's moving too fast and nothing can happen fast enough. My brain starts darting from one thought to another and there is not stillness. Unfortunately, I tackled it with a few beers last night and consequently I've now added a dollop of anxiety into the mix. This is a problem which I have to prioritise, I'm going to try walking and making some audio notes next week to see if that helps.

  • Episode 23 of the Rissington Podcast went out this week. Love preparing for it, wrangling the recording set up (badly) and making the edit. Plans are afoot to do 24 in time for Xmas but that'll be the last round of questions and we didn't push for more in 23. From there, the question is do we make some tweaks to the format or just carry on as is. I think Jon has a good idea that essentially keeps the soul of the thing alive but might let us dive into a bit of detail now and again. To be discussed!

  • Have decided to vote Labour, even though there is not a hope in hell they'll get in where I live. Tactical voting is unlikely to work anyway, the Tories are very safe here, so I'm going to for the party who are closest to being able to change what I'd like to see change in our country and who at least have a chance of coming second. Plus, fuck the Tories!

  • Weekend will be taxi services for the kids, as usual, and perhaps starting to put up some Christmas decorations. The three year old is very very aware for the first time so we're unpacking all of the things, no holding back! Financially we're agreed that we want to keep things sane. The temptation is to go mad on the credit cards but we're going to try and resist. Fewer gifts is the plan and creating a jolly and relaxed atmosphere for us all to wallow in. There will be cooking.