Weeknotes 3

Have been playing one track quite a lot this week. Roll the Dice by Shy FX. Rather splendid

London today, manage to keep things civilised with an 8.28am train. Still, not a huge fan of the commute, though I like the destination.

Late to the party, as ever, stumbled across Eedl, some rather lovely electronica, perfect for early morning train journeys.

Confirmed my Head of UX role but just waiting for it to propagate before shouting about it more. Motivation to shout is if I'm the head, I need to work towards not being the only UX. Exciting opportunity but very much not an 'as you'd expect' job, I have work to do to make it work. Turns out I like risk.

London again. Woke bolt upright at 4.30am having dreamt I'd overslept, was tired for the rest of the day. Some tough conversations about the project I'm working on, good conversations, necessary conversations but my tired head didn't help.

Had an interesting offer (by which I mean terrifying for me) around the Rissington podcast. I could hear Jon's sighs from a distance as I dealt with the sheer terror... Yes! No! Arghhh! Anyway I got over my fat self and said yes. More news when we have it!

First day of the co-parented doggo. My 15 year old daughter has wanted a dog she can travel with for a couple of years. She lives with us one week, then her Mum's another week. Finally we found the right dog who will now live between the two homes. It's been good for me, I'm out walking more as I don't want to risk having to clear up a wee or poo from indoors.

Felt ill, so drove daughter and dog to a new walking spot. Couldn't make the walk myself so sat and listened to Adam Buxton.

Mood-wise, could have gone two ways up or down but series of events mean I went up, and up, and up and so up and over I went. That's preferable to down but do wish I was more 'level'.

Kids are off school, inset day, which means they want me to drive them places. It's the good bit and the bad bit of working from home. Love being able to help them get out and about but makes me feel very pressured at work.

Weekend is looking like mostly cricket taxi, 15 year old daughter has training Sat AM, indoor match Sat PM, Training on Sun afternoon. Somewhere in amongst that will be some dog walking I am sure.