Weeknotes 4

Sat at the train station writing this, having just listened to RHLSTP with Ian McMillan. An hour well spent, very much worth a listen.

There's a lot I'd like to say about this week that feels too risky and could be perceived as bitching and whining rather than genuine reflection. Suffice to say it's been one of those weeks where I've had to pause and think about how it is I deal with other people and where the line is between how I am and what is, essentially, other people's problems.

There is a bit of me that thinks, I'm a designer, it's a job that tries to illicit emotion in people. It is then, by its nature, an emotional job. Then there is the other bit of me that just thinks I can be a bit of a prick sometimes.

Today (Fri) is the final day of the final sprint of the year on the product I'm working on and I've got one more week before I break for Christmas. It can't come too soon. I forgot to take a holiday this year, I'm close to, if not already, experiencing minor burnout.

Hoping to spend next week just coding and getting the HTML & CSS into shape but I see some meetings on the horizon that may prevent that. Hey ho. All good.

Am pleased to have been out walking with the dog. Largely driven by not wanting my daughter out walking alone in the dark early morning but it's starting to develop into habit and a good job too, exercise needs to be a high priority for me.

Played the Shy FX track from last week's notes to my teenage boys. They've both been listening since. Hoorah! 18 year old finally conceding that I am actually cooler than him. As I've been telling him for many years, I am at least 99% more street than his cul-de-sac arse. Must be great being brought up with an old 90s raver for a dad who still thinks he's cool.

Weekend is looking like open day with daughter at college she's eying up for A Levels and beyond that no real plans other than the Sunday cricket training car trip. Dog walking, for sure. Maybe a bit of cooking for the three freezers so I can get that out of the way before holidays.